Ann McCain draws on her years as a manager in political, business, and nonprofit environments to help other managers succeed. Her seasoned manager’s point of view combined with her genuine interest in the next generation of professionals gives her a unique perspective.

Internal Communications Strategy

Internal communications is often atop the list of concerns when employees are asked to rate the performance of their organization. McCain Strategies works with clients to develop and execute effective internal communications plans that resonate with employees, an organization’s most valuable asset. Whether launching a new initiative or communicating change across the company, a thoughtfully planned and well-executed communications strategy is a must.

Coaching, Support & Development

Ann McCain offers coaching across generations with emphasis on emerging leaders who are balancing the day-to-day demands as managers while they aim to grow in the organization. Coaching opportunities also exist for Millennials who are in the early stages of their careers and are looking to chart their course and perform at a higher level.

Management Training

Management challenges aren’t limited to generational differences. McCain Strategies works with clients to assess management needs and gaps and provide training for managers at all levels. Emphasis is placed on helping managers expand their communications skills to include handling difficult conversations, providing meaningful feedback, and motivating employees.

Managing Millennials

The generation that is 80 million strong in America presents new challenges even for seasoned managers. But while generations share characteristics, workplace cultures vary. McCain Strategies offers customized boot camps and trainings to help integrate Millennials into your organization.